Sunday, July 15, 2012

Interesting Hong Kong and Macau Photography Pictures Taken by Photographers

John Sison  recently went to Hong Kong and Macau.  He took some interesting photography pictures of Macau and Hong Kong.

For typical daily live and city photography pictures of Macau, see Randomwire's pictures, which has part 1part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Macau is the first European settlement area governed by Portugal in 16 century until 1999.  I was born there. The pictures brings out a lot of emotional memory.  Nowdays Macau main business is casinos.  Hong Kong were governed by England from 1842 to 1997.  Hong Kong is one of the major financial center of the world and has one of the largest buillion market. Hong Kong is my second home town where I had worked  many years in the financial sector, weaving industry, garment industry and export and import. The major language of Macau and Hong Kong is Cantonese which is one of the oldest language of China. Most of the people in Hong Kong and Macau can speak English.

Hong Kong and Macau Map

 Macau City Scene
Beautiful Macau where I walked by everyday going to school
Amazing Tall Building in Hong Kong

A Thailand company specialize in wedding photos went to Macau for wedding shooting:

Another Video about Macau:

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